Are you related to David Harris & Mary Harris McMath (born Mary Moore) of Winona, Montgomery County, Mississippi?


If you could be or you have information on her heirs, Heir Hunters International would like to speak with you.

Always aware that state vital records before, say 1920, are spotty and inconsistent, particularly for African Americans, our research shows that Mary Moore, an African American, was born in Mississippi about 1871.  As a teen, she married David Harris, who was born in the City of West Point, Clay County, Mississippi.  The couple had several children, maybe as many as eight.  Some of their children were: David Harris, born before 1893; Willis/Willie Harris, born between 1893-1895; Henry Harris, born about 1897; Georgia Harris, born about 1900; and, Melyena/Melvina/Malzena Harris, born about 1903.  Most spent their entire lives in Montgomery County, in or near the City of Winona.


As young adults, some of the children moved to the Memphis, Tennessee, area, such as Willis Harris and Georgia Harris, who both lived at 339 Pontotoc Ave., Apt. 2, in the 1940’s.

After David’s death, Mary married George King on October 21, 1908, and Charlie McMath on January 17, 1917, with both marriages occurring in Montgomery County.

Willis Harris, her son, married Claudia Wadlington on February 12, 1920, in Winona. The couple had at least one son, Willis/Willie Harris, Jr., who was born in Winona in 1921.

Willis Harris, Sr., married two more times in Montgomery County.  On February 17th, 1937, Willis married Bertha McKey (at marriage 23 years old, born abt. 1914), and, on January 16, 1943, he married Annie Mitchell Marcellios (at marriage 27 years old, born abt. 1916). David Harris, perhaps his older brother, and James Anderson served as witnesses on the marriage record.   Willis Harris, Sr., died in Memphis on May 7, 1946, at the age of 53, and, apparently, as a widower.

Georgia Harris married George Gray, on 20 June 1920 in the City of Winona, Mississippi.  Research indicates she relocated to Memphis, Tennessee.

No evidence for marriages involving Henry or Melyena/Melvina/Malzena has been uncovered.

Below is a family tree for your further review.

The Winona, Mississippi, Family of Mary Moore & David Dave Harris

The Winona, Mississippi, Family of Mary Moore & David Harris, with children David Harris, Willis/Willie Harris, Henry Harris, Georgia Harris, and Melvina Harris. (Click on image to enlarge.)

If you feel you could be related to David Harris and Mary McMath (born Mary Moore) or have information about her and her family, you can reach Heir Hunters International’s by emailing us or calling toll free at 888-717-HEIR (4347).  As always, if you provide information leading to the heirs of Mary, Heir Hunters International will compensate you for your efforts.

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