Monthly Archives: November 2014

For Most Unclaimed Property Holders – Monday November 3rd is the Due Date for Filing Unclaimed Property Reports!

An article in Bloomberg News serves as an urgent reminder to holders of unclaimed property that November 1st is “the due date for filing annual unclaimed property reports” with state officials.  However, since the 1st of November fell on a Saturday in 2014, the law permits a two day extension or until Monday November 3rd to file […]

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Oklahoma Legislature : Are Insurance Companies Scamming to Retain Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits?

According to a report on the web site of KOCO, the ABC affiliate of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma lawmakers will investigate a recent study of the insurance industry which suggests that some companies are lobbying for amendments to stringent disclosure requirements. Currently, many state unclaimed property laws mandate holders of unclaimed property, including life insurance benefits, […]

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