Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

The easiest thing to do should you have any questions is to take advantage of our toll free number, 1-888-HEIR (4347), and speak directly with our knowledgeable staff. We are standing by to diligently and comprehensively answer any questions that you might have.

Before you call, please look at the most asked questions below.

What is Heir Hunters International? — To understand what we do, please take time to view the videos on our About Page The Heir Hunters, featuring Heir Hunters International. As the video explains, we search the world over for those who could possibly have an interest in an asset. For agreeing to pay us a percentage of the asset, we agree, in turn, to do whatever it is necessary to secure your rights.

Why was I contacted by Heir Hunters International? — Our research indicates that you might have an interest in an asset.

What type of asset? — An asset which you might have an interest could be anything of value. In the past, the staff located individuals who had interests in estates, real property, copyrights, annuities, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, jewelry, coins and safety deposit boxes, which, of course, could contain anything.

How much of an interest do I have? — How much of an interest you may have in an asset varies greatly, depending on many factors. The two most notable factors are: (1) The source of the asset and (2) the laws of the state in which the asset is located. You may have the right to the entire asset, such as when someone has named you the sole beneficiary of their Last Will or they may have named you, along with others, to share in their estate under a will.

When will I receive my asset?— No one, including Heir Hunters International, gets paid until the asset is ultimately distributed to you. Therefore, you can rest assured that the staff will diligently and expeditiously process your claim. That said, the processing of your claim and the actual distribution of an asset can take anywhere from six weeks to as long as two years.

Do I take a risk by not acting now? YES, indeed. With the passage of time, the chance exists that the asset may be claimed by others in the typical “first to claim, first to receive” scenario. Also, most states have the right to claim the asset after the passage of time, and the asset is lost forever. With the increase in state budget deficits, states are becoming very aggressive in asserting their right to part, if not all, of an unclaimed asset. For instance, in August 2003, California Governor Gray Davis and the State Legislature amended the California Unclaimed Property Law so that no longer would accrued interest be paid on any claims.

To aid in your consideration, Heir Hunters International suggests you view the segment from ABC’s Good Morning America on our youtube channel, The segment outlines the efforts, or lack thereof, by State authorities to locate to whom lost assets rightfully belong.

What will I owe Heir Hunters International? — You and Heir Hunters International will execute an agreement whereby you will assign a percentage of the ultimate recovery to it. Heir Hunters International will never ask for you to advance funds or pay any out of pocket expenses.

What does Heir Hunters International pay? — Heir Hunters International will pay all fees and associated costs before the asset is recovered. For instance, we pay for all documentary evidence necessary to process your claim, filing fees and attorney fees, among other things.

Will I owe taxes on my asset? — For the most part, no. Any and all Federally imposed associated taxes are paid prior to the distribution. However, some states and foreign countries tax the receipt of an asset even when the US Federal government does not.

Please call our knowledgeable staff at 1-888-717-HEIR (4347) with any further questions.