Why We Contacted You

You Are an Heir to an Estate — Heir Hunters International contacted you because our research leads us to believe that you are an unknown or missing heir to an estate, succession or have an interest in unclaimed money. By the time Heir Hunters International contacts you, we have already spent considerable time, effort and expenses determining to whom the unclaimed property rightfully belongs. The lost heir, more likely than not, is you and, perhaps, other unknown heirs similarly situated, and we wish to secure the unclaimed funds for you.

You Pay No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses Whatsoever — You will never be asked to forward any money whatsoever to Heir Hunters International–there are absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses sought from you.

How You Pay Heir Hunters International – The Assignment — In return for securing the distribution of the asset to you, we ask that you assign a percentage of the value of the asset to Heir Hunters International. The agreed upon fee is paid only after you, through our efforts, are recognized as entitled to the asset and the asset is distributed to you. In brief, Heir Hunters International is not paid until you are paid–further, if you receive nothing, Heir Hunters International receives nothing for its efforts. The standard contingency fee agreement or “Assignment” is enclosed in the  package you received.

Furthermore, Heir Hunters International pays, in advance, all expenses associated with obtaining the asset out of its share or percentage of the assignment. Such expenses include employment of genealogical experts, necessary proofs of heirship and documentation, court filing fees, and, importantly, counsel hired to facilitate the legal process.

Heir Hunters International Youtube Channel — To best understand how the business of heir hunting works, please visit our youtube channel, youtube.com/heirhunters. A link to the Heir Hunters Channel has been provided on our website homepage.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) — To answer your questions and concerns, you can always contact the staff on our toll free number, 888-717-HEIR (4347). Also, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is included in the package you received and is located on our website link, “FAQs.”