Working With Or Referring a Case


Working With or Referring a Case to Heir Hunters International

There are several ways to earn money with Heir Hunters International.

Referring a Case to Heir Hunters International — If you know of a missing heir situation, such as a probate or estate case, you can refer it to Heir Hunters International, and its staff will undertake to solve and sign the heir(s). Upon transfer of the assets to the rightful parties, Heir Hunters International will pay to you a fee negotiated before efforts were undertaken. The size of the fee will be based on several factors, including, but not limited to, the location and size of the asset or estate. Under certain circumstances, Heir Hunters International will pay to you a fee before the assets are transferred to the beneficiaries.

Working to Solve a Case with Heir Hunters International — Heir Hunters International has a world wide clientele, and, once the search begins, the staff has no idea where the heir hunt will take them. In Heir Hunters International’s list of cases are ones requiring local expertise. Perhaps you can offer your local knowledge to Heir Hunters International, and, depending on your circumstances, you may wish to work for a flat fee or hourly wage — or you may agree to opt for a percentage of the ultimate recovery.

Presently, Heir Hunters International seeks those possessing genealogical knowledge of Jamaica, Poland, Russia, and Romania. For the most part, Heir Hunters International has narrowed the search parameters and is simply a small step away from finding the rightful heirs, but requires “feet on the ground” to conclude the signing phase of the endeavor.