About Us

Heir Hunters International is America’s premier international genealogical research and heir finding firm. Retained by banks, lawyers, estate administrators, professional conservators and trustees, insurance companies, and corporations, among others, Heir Hunters International has handled cases totaling well over $100,000,000.00. Heir Hunters International has located thousands of missing heirs, living in the US and abroad, entitled to a share in what the New York Times estimates to be $47.1 billion in unclaimed money. Heir Hunters International core business is identifying and locating unknown heirs that have an interest in an asset. The unclaimed property can be anything of value, such as money, contents of safety deposit boxes, stocks, bonds, insurance policies, and real estate.

Heir Hunters International locates individuals by drawing on our decades of experience in probate research and genealogical expertise, along with utilizing sophisticated computer technology. Combined with our in house staff, we employ a world wide web of professional genealogists and researchers to help construct family histories and find the rightful heirs.

Heir Hunters International has handled cases in all fifty states and over thirty foreign countries. The founders, Shar Mansukani and John Hilbert, have personally conducted research in many different countries, including Canada, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Mexico. We are currently planning research trips to Jamaica, Cuba and Romania.

Shar Mansukhani and John Hilbert have appeared on national TV numerous times and share their genealogical travel experiences in The Unclaimed Money Blog, a link to which is found on the Heir Hunters International homepage. Also on The Unclaimed Money Blog you will find case histories, interesting and relevant news articles, requests we have received from individuals seeking aid in locating their heirs or unclaimed property, and subjects relating to the heir hunting business.