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Help Wanted in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico, to Find Heirs to Unclaimed Money.

Heir Hunters International is working on a case involving a family from the City of Pachuca in the Country of Mexico.  The Amercian research revealed no U.S. heirs, and the unclaimed funds remain on deposit.   Normally, our reseachers jump at the chance to conduct geneaogical research in the archives of a foreign county, but, […]

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Edith Rokos Mchacsi of Budapest, Hungary entitled to Unclaimed Funds

  Irving Klein passed away in San Luis Opisbo County, California, not long ago.  He named his cousin, Edith Rokos Mchacis, the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Problem is, Edith lived some 6,000 miles away, and no one can locate her present whereabouts or know if she is even still alive.  Edith’s last know […]

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Video of Bonnie K Thanking Heir Hunters International Posted on

  Often when initially contacting someone entitled to unclaimed funds or lost property, Heir Hunters International is met with disbelief, sometimes bordering on outright hostility. In an attempt to overcome this understandable reaction, when possible, Heir Hunters International will film interviews of individuals who, through its efforts, obtained their property.  Here, Bonnie K, a working mother […]

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