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Often when initially contacting someone entitled to unclaimed funds or lost property, Heir Hunters International is met with disbelief, sometimes bordering on outright hostility. In an attempt to overcome this understandable reaction, when possible, Heir Hunters International will film interviews of individuals who, through its efforts, obtained their property.  Here, Bonnie K, a working mother with two young sons, thanks Heir Hunters International for finding her and for obtaining her unclaimed funds.  In the video, which you will find below and on its Youtube Channel,, Bonnie reiterates that: (1) in the thirteen years the funds remained unclaimed, prior to being located by Heir Hunters International, no one had contacted her about the funds, (2) she paid nothing whatsoever out of pocket to Heir Hunters International; and, (3), with her cooperation, the entire process took no longer than three weeks.

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