For Most Unclaimed Property Holders – Monday November 3rd is the Due Date for Filing Unclaimed Property Reports!

An article in Bloomberg News serves as an urgent reminder to holders of unclaimed property that November 1st is “the due date for filing annual unclaimed property reports” with state officials.  However, since the 1st of November fell on a Saturday in 2014, the law permits a two day extension or until Monday November 3rd to file the necessary paperwork.

To aid in the increasingly complicated process, Bloomberg reports that many states have published new or revised guidance for property holders.  For instance, in September, Kentucky and Connecticut updated instructions for their 2014 reports, while Wisconsin revised its Unclaimed Property Holder Report Guide.  For its part, California published its Fall 2014 Unclaimed Property Program newsletter, which, in part, provides useful information regarding the California reporting requirements.

Not all unclaimed property holders need worry.  A minority of states have due dates other than November 1.  The states with different deadlines are:

Connecticut March 31     Delaware  March 1

Florida May 1                 Michigan July 1

Pennsylvania April 15      Tennessee May 1

Texas July 1                   Vermont May 1

New York’s requirements vary depending on the type of holder. Unclaimed property reports are due October 10 for utilities, November 10 for banks, and June 1 for travelers checks and money order.


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