Heir Hunters International asks, “Curtis Herbert McGrew, Where Are You?”

Heir Hunters International Seeks Any Information on Chicago born Curtis Herbert McGrew.

Heir Hunters International Seeks Any Information on Chicago born Curtis Herbert McGrew.

Every once and a while, the individual Heir Hunters International seeks simply vanishes from the historical record.  Facing a nightmare scenario, Heir Hunter International’s researchers are forced to spend thousands of hours searching the world over for any information on the individual.

Never giving up the search entirely, Heir Hunters International will let the case file sit on the shelf for some time, maybe even several years, before resuming the missing heir hunt.

Such is the case with Curtis Herbert McGrew.  Over ten years of research has revealed very little.

Heir Hunters International has established that Curtis Herbert McGrew, an African American, was born May 30, 1928, in Chicago, Illinois.  His father was Oliver McGrew, but his mother is unknown.

Research uncovered a small article in the Chicago Daily Tribune mentioning him.  The December 28, 1954, article, headlined, COPS NAB SEMINOLE STUDENT POSING AS A DETECTIVE, reads in full:

“Curstis H. McGrew, 26, of 1867 S. Central Park Ave., who said he is a Seminole Indian and a student at Roosevelt University, was held for an appearance in Boys court today after his arrest last night for impersonating a policeman.

Detective Frank Novak and John Pierce of the Lawndale district, entering a restaurant near Central Park and Ogden Avenues, where teenagers hang out, saw McGrew displaying a badge and telling three youths he was a policeman.

Novak asked McGrew which district he was attached to, and when he said he was assigned to Lawndale station, Novak and Pierece arrested him. They found the badge was a fake private detective’s badge.  Three teenagers in the restaurant were sent to the Juvenile home.”

Should anyone know where Curtis Herbert McGrew is or whatever happened to him, please contact Heir Hunters International.  If your information leads our researchers to him or his surviving heirs, and Heir Hunters International recovers a fee, you will be duly compensated for your efforts.

As always, Shar Mansukhani and John Hilbert with Heir Hunters International, wish you good “heir hunting.”




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