The Amazing Reach of the Unclaimed Money Blog: Missing Heirs Come Foward To Claim Inheritence


A little over a year ago, Heir Hunters International began the Unclaimed Money Blog.

We felt that the Unclaimed Money Blog could, among other things, help solve missing heir cases where the potential return did not warrant our continued expenditure of time, effort, and financial resources.  Perhaps, just perhaps, unknown heirs might somehow stumble upon the Unclaimed Money Blog and come forward to claim their share of unclaimed money and unclaimed property.

To that end, on 14 December 2013, Heir Hunters International posted the blog entry, “John H. Hunt, Jr., and Myrtle Charles nee Hunt, Brother and Sister, of Leeds, England, Are Entitled to Unclaimed Money.”  In it, we set forth the pertinent facts which you can read in the earlier post.

Therefore, even as professional heir hunters for nearly thirty years, the staff was, as missing heir John Hunt said, “gobsmacked” when the missing heirs in the case contacted Heir Hunters International.

John Hunt, of Otley, England, Claimant to His Share of His Uncle's Estate.

When reading Heir Hunters International’s Unclaimed Money Blog, John Hunt of Otley, England, pictured above, discovered he and his sister were missing heirs to their Uncle Bill’s estate. (Photo courtesy of John L. Hunt.)

On 18 January 2014, Patrick M. emailed Heir Hunters International:

Dear Sir,
Might this find you well.
I have recently accessed your Unclaimed Money Blog and came across matters relating to my late partner [Myrtle Hunt] who bequeathed her entire estate to me on the occasion of her death [in Jolimont, Australia].  Her name is Myrtle Emily Charles (nee Hunt) formerly of Leeds, UK, and, according to information in your Unclaimed Money Blog, was left a portion of an estate belonging to Ana Hunt who passed away quite sometime ago.
Currently, I reside in the French Republic but often return to my birth place of Leeds in the UK.
Once again, my thanks and kind regards, Mr. Patrick M.

On 11 November 2014, John Hunt emailed Heir Hunters International:

I am John Hunt son of John Henry Hunt and Vera Hunt, nephew of
William Hunt, known to me as Uncle Bill. I remember my Uncle [Bill]. I lost
contact with my sister Myrtle [Hunt] about 7 years ago and my dad died in Liverpool in 1978. I am the son of John Henry Hunt and came across this post on the Unclaimed Money Blog when I entered my sister’s name into Google as I have been trying to find her for some years. I was totally shocked when all these family details appeared, in particular my family tree! I last saw Uncle Bill approximately 40 years ago when he visited England. I look forward to hearing from you.
Regards, John L. Hunt

Consider: (1) over fourteen years ago, someone passed away in the United States leaving an unclaimed estate; (2) the Last Will only provided that the missing heirs were in “Leeds, England”; (3) a reader of the Unclaimed Money Blog, while living in the south of France, knew that one missing heir passed in Australia; and, (4), the other missing heir–living in a small village in England–after googling his missing sister’s name came upon the Unclaimed Money Blog to read of his and his sister’s unclaimed inheritance. Simply amazing!

We are thrilled that by reading the Unclaimed Money Blog the missing heirs were found, and, after fourteen years, Heir Hunters International finally put them in possession of their rightful inheritanceHeir Hunter International’s belief that the Unclaimed Money Blog could serve as a proper vehicle to return unclaimed money and unclaimed property to missing heirs has proven true after all.

Please, therefore, continue following the Unclaimed Money Blog as we post the details on many more cases from our files involving missing heirs, unknown heirs, unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  Perhaps, just maybe, you, dear reader, are a missing heir entitled to unclaimed money and unclaimed property, and Heir Hunters International wants to help you claim your rightful inheritance.


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