About Us

Read why Heir Hunters International is regarded as a trusted leader in finding claimants to unclaimed money and why they are called upon by financial professionals worldwide. Find out more in the links "Founders' Bios" and "Who We Work With."

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Why We Contacted You

Read why Heir Hunters International contacted you by clicking on the link "Why We Contacted You," and, after that, you can review our responses to the questions missing heirs most often ask in the link to "Frequently Asked Questions” or "FAQs."

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Unclaimed Money Blog

Read “The Unclaimed Money Blog” to find relevant posts on the heir finding business and to read posts by those requesting help in searching for their share of $47.1 billion in unclaimed money and for any information on their missing family members.

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Heir Hunters International on TV and in the Media

You may already be familiar with Heir Hunters International since it has appeared on national TV on numerous occasions over the past twenty years. The principals of the firm have been featured on, among other things, TLC’s "The Wealth Hunters" and Court-TV’s "The Heir Hunters," and the infomercial "Investigating Free Money." They, and their business, are written about in the Inheritances & Gifts chapter of the book, “Free Money.” Heir Hunters International has also been featured in many local news stories. You can see all the shows on our youtube channel, "youtube.com/heirhunters." They have authored articles for professional organizations and the international press.